• Mastering The Attack

    While many fans grew up watching their favourite teams deploy wingers and strikers in relatively rigid and defined roles, football’s evolution has meant that forward lines in the modern era are typically far more fluid and dynamic. With that in mind, this article will address the roles of both centr...

  • Possession with Purpose: Erik ten Hag (Ajax 2018/19)

    During their incredible 2018/19 campaign, Erik ten Hag’s Ajax represented football at its most intelligent. Despite their entire squad costing less than Cristiano Ronaldo, Ajax managed to overcome the likes of Real Madrid and Juventus on their run to the Champions League semi-finals last season. It ...

  • Building A Winning Culture

    In recent years, the term ‘culture’ has become something of a buzzword in football. In the context of any sports team, it can be defined as a measure of the observable behaviours that are promoted and accepted within the group. For many coaches, creating an environment that demands high ...


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Patrick Mills is a Coach & Psychology Student from Ireland.